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Conversations about Death...with Cake and Coffee!

Death Cafés are part of a global movement "To increase awareness of death with a view to help people make the most of their (finite) lives."

People gather in a safe, relaxed setting to discuss death, dying and grief in an open forum discussion while enjoying a tea or coffee and some treats. It is not a support group or a counselling session, but rather a group directed discussion with no agenda, objectives or themes.

Part of my calling as a Death Doula is to create awareness of our mortality and create a safe space to talk about death. Our society has become 'death denying', or 'death phobic' if not talking about it or acknowledging that it will happen will change the outcome! When we keep an awareness of our mortality close to us, we are able to live more open, honest and meaningful lives. A piece of that being curious and exploring what death means to us; what we hope our death will look like, what our legacy will be, what we believe happens next...if anything. Most people actually DO want to talk about death, and a Death Café is the perfect place to do so. 

I founded Niagara Death Café in January 2017 as a way to bring the conversation to the Niagara Region and have held 8 to date. The conversations are always rich, meaningful, curious...and there is always laughter! My Death Cafés are always a free event, but advance registration is required as space is limited. 

Upcoming Niagara Death Café :

 To Be Announced

Follow my Niagara Death Café Facebook page for updates and insights. 

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