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         Helping to make Living, Dying and Grieving

                                     more Meaningful through Healing

Welcome to my healing practice, Soul Journeys Healing & Companioning, where I use a holistic approach through energy healing to help improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual quality of life for the living, the dying, and the grieving. In my practice, I combine my own spiritual gifts and intuitive insights with the knowledge I have gained from all of my teachers to help heal, empower, and bring clarity through dialogue, energy and guidance. Whether you are seeking healing through Reiki treatments, in need of holistic Palliative & End of Life Care, Grief and Bereavement Support, or would like to learn how to help heal yourself and others through learning the beautiful energy of Reiki, I invite you to browse through these pages to learn more about all Soul Journeys Healing & Companioning has to offer.

Living Well

Reiki Treatments & Reiki Classes

Dying Well

Palliative & End of Life Care

Grieving Well

Grief & Bereavement Support

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Enlightenment; Insights on Life, Death and Grief

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 Enlightenment; Insights on Life, Death and Grief