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Classes & Workshops

Usui Reiki Certification Classes

Level I

$175 Inclusive Tuition

The theory of this course is taught in one full day or two evenings and includes a Level I Attunement, Reiki I Manual with introduction to the history and theory of Usui Reiki, learning about the chakras, and instruction and illustration of hand positions and how to perform Reiki self treatment, chair treatment and table treatment on others with adequate practice time. The student will return for 2 hours after the 21 day spiritual cleanse to practice a table treatment and obtain answers and insight to any questions or inquiries. Ongoing support is available at the students request. A Reiki Level I Practitioner Certificate is obtained upon completion.

Upcoming Class - Saturday December 1 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Level II 

$250 Inclusive Tuition

The theory of this course is taught in one full day or two evenings and includes Level II Attunement, Reiki II Manual, learning the Usui sacred symbols and how to apply them during a treatment, exercises to increase your Reiki energy as well as techniques to enhance a Reiki session, how to work with the chakra energy centers and body systems on a deeper level, how to do Distant Healing, and Scanning and Beaming Techniques. This class combines lectures, discussions, and practicing symbols and techniques learned in class. The student will return for 2 hours after the 21 day energy exercise to practice a table treatment to incorporate all of the above and obtain answers and insight to any questions and inquiries. Ongoing support is available at the students request. A Reiki Level II Practitioner Certificate is obtained upon completion.  (Prerequisite - Usui Reiki Level I)

Upcoming Class - Saturday November 24 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Level III/Master

$500 Inclusive Tuition

The theory of this course is taught in one and a half days - Level III is one full day or two evenings and the Master Level is a half day. This course includes Level III/Master Attunement, Reiki III Manual teaching the Usui Master Symbol, the Attunement process and how to give all levels of Attunements to students, advanced Reiki techniques, with lectures, discussions and practicing Attunements and new techniques learned. Much focus and discussion in this class is on spiritual growth, Reiki principles and the values of a Reiki Master. A Reiki Level III Practioner Certificate is obtained upon completion of this class. In order to obtain the Reiki Master Certificate, there is a requirement of approximately seven months of homework practicing the Attunement procedure, leading to deeper spiritual growth and insight. Ongoing support is available at the students request. The student will return once this Apprenticeship with the Reiki energy is completed to demonstrate knowledge and comfort with the Attunement process and receive the Reiki Master manual. A Usui Reiki Master Certificate is obtained upon completion.   (Prerequisite - Usui Reiki Level II)
Call or Email to Inquire about Upcoming Class Dates.

General Interest Workshops

Money Reiki - Financial Manifesting

$111 Inclusive Tuition
This workshop is 3 hours long and includes a Money Reiki manual, an introduction to Money Reiki, the theory and practice of Money Reiki, exploring the law of attraction, where financial problems 'root' and how to heal and remove blockages, how to do a financial blessing, how to create a money magnet and how to give a Money Reiki treatment for yourself and others.  A minimum requirement of Reiki Level I certification is mandatory to participate in this workshop as students must be Attuned to Reiki energy. 

Angel Cards - An Introduction

$75 Inclusive Tuition

We all have Angels that we choose to walk with us through our lives before we were even born, and they do...however, most of us don't have the ability to communicate with them. Angel cards can help to bridge this gap and allow us to receive their advice and messages for us, clearly! As a Certified Angel Card Reader trained by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, I teach an introduction to Angel Cards and how to do a reading for yourself and for others. This workshop is 2 hours long and includes a brief history of Tarot, how to clear and bless your space, preparing your Angel cards,  key elements about the cards and how to do a one and three card reading for yourself and others, learning to trust the answers your cards give, and tips to interpret each card. This is a fun and exploratory workshop that anyone can enjoy!

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