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"Thank you for the enlightenment and knowledge that you shared yesterday. It was an absolutely wonderful experience and I look forward to exploring more of this journey. You have opened my eyes to some endless possibilities.

Today I woke feeling very blessed.

Thank you so much."

~ Sue T, Reiki Student

"All I can say is WOW! Merri-Lee has totally changed my outlook on Reiki. I used to be skeptical but Reiki has helped me so much in life. I feel very relaxed and rejuvenated after each session. Reiki helps me go about my daily routine or daily challenges with less anxiety and more peace. It also helps me to be balanced on an emotional and physical level; and is good for my soul. I look forward to my Reiki! Thanks Merri-Lee!"

~ Leigh C, Reiki Client

"I find Reiki to be so relaxing for my body and my mind. I am learning that there are Angels among us. Merri-Lee is a wonderful teacher/healer."

~ Shelley N, Reiki Client

"I recommend Reiki to everyone. I've had the pleasure of having regular Reiki Sessions with Merri-Lee and what an amazing experience it has been. The feeling after is of complete calm; a weightless, light feeling as if all worries have been whisked away. Worry, anxiety and any aches or pains are gone. I've benefited so much from these treatments and I look forward to many more."

~ Tracey S, Reiki Client

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